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rain jr This is a complete new misting system know as the Rainmaker Junior. It comes complete and ready to use, new in the box. These systems are expandable and we will be offering additional nozzle assemblies so if you wish to expand the system to a custom size you may. These are wonderful professional grade systems for your indoor terrarium or can be expanded to handle outdoor misting of any type area. The pump requires water to run and will not run dry so you must keep a source of water in the 5 gallon reservoir.

Extremely compact pump produces an amazing amount of pressure resulting in an extremely fine mist that actually floats on air. Very quiet operation. Designed for intermittent duty only. Can be programmed to operate up to 14 times  per day for 1- 5 minutes per on time. 110V 50/60 HZ operation.

But normally up to 20 or more of our "red low flow wide angle nozzles" & 60' + of flexible hose can be operated on this system with no noticeable drop in performance. With this sytem you get:

  • 1 - 100 PSI Misting Pump
  • 1 - Pump Mounting Bracket
  • 1 - 28 Cycle Electric Digital Timer
  • 1-Tee Style Zozzle Asemmbly with nozzle
  • 1 -Elbow Style Nozzle Assembly with nozzle
  • 6- Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • 1- Five Gallon Reservoir
  • 1- Hose Fitting for Reservoir
  • Bulkhead w/Neoprene Gaskets
  • 2 - Spare Nozzle Filter Screens
  • 12' - Flexible High Pressure Hose
  • 1- Instructions and Warranty Packet
  • Click HERE for photo of system parts.

Shipping in US lower 48 states $18.95..We will ship outside US and Quote you a price.


$139.99+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM3A Old and Large Viking Glass Teddy Bear standing a full 6.75 inches in height. This is old Viking and has the original sticker and even the price tag with stock number still affixed to the back.Excellent condition wit no chips. $21.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM4A Old Hexe Needle Threaded in original box.  Made in Japan, all parts included and in excellent condition.  Nice vintage sewing item. $5.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM5A Old Virginia Cheroots Wood Cigar Box, paper labeled, excellent condition.  3.75" tall and 10" wide, marked 5 for 10 cents. $10.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM6A This is an old wall mount match holder that held the old style boxes of large safety matches..side sections are open for striking of the matches..It needs a good cleaning but is in good condition. Taken right off the wall of an older hoome in West Virginia..Has an orange flowered design on the tin tan body..Measures almost 6 inches in length.. $9.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM7A This is a wonderful old Maytag oiler which stands a little over 5 inches tall including the spout..nice graphics on both sides..a few scratches in the paint but no dings..very nice old Maytag oiler.. $40.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM8A Old Paden City  Art Works Mountain Dew Jug.  Made in the long ago closed Paden City Pottery Company.  Has Grave Creek Mound, Moundsville W.Va. written on it which is the largest conical Indian Burial Mound in the world. $4.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM9A This is an old Viking Glass Blue Georgian Toothpick that stands only 2.25 inches in height. It is in wonderful condition. $11.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM10A This is a beautiful Viking Glass crystal Christmas tree that is great for your holiday or all year decorating. It stands 4.5 inches tall and the cutting makes the light dance in every direction. Excellent condition. $26.00 IN-STOCK
ITEM11A Antique Alps Dice Throwing Monkey Battery Operated Toy, this one is featured on the front of the catalog page for this section.  Excellent, mint in original box, even the little gaming chips have never been unsealed from their wrapper.   Works perfectly. $100.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM12A This is an old Salt box with a wood lid which measures 5.25 inches across and 4.5 inches high..Has a hole in the back to it can be hung on a wall or used standing..Very nice condition with no chips or cracks and some crazing due to age..Raised lip edge along the bottom but no mark of maker..has coffee grinder and martini glass on the front..deco look salt box.. $23.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM13A Old shell bank.  Stands 8" tall.  Has shell bank and American Eagle embossed into the outside.  On the bottom has pat. applied. $25.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM14A Old oak dove-tailed box.  One of the smallest I have ever seen.  Stands on four small feet of wood, unlined.  Measures 5.25" wide by 2" tall.  Has side hinges that look like brass. $10.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM15A This is an older can of Singer sewing machine oil. It is in excellent condition and has the original price of  75 cents stamped on the front,, $5.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM16A This is a goblet done in the 1890's Wildflower patern. It is in wonderful condition with no chips or cracks. It is a very light green and stands six inches tall. $20.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM17A This is a set of Fostoria Glass salt and pepper shakers still in the original box. They are the Hostess set, 24% leaded glass with gold plated tops. These were made in Moundsville West Virginia. the Fostoria plant in Moundsville has been closed for decades. Each stands 5 inches tall including the top. No chips or cracks. $12.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM18A This is an old child's Sewing Machine. It is in good working order but does not come with a needle.  It is marked Kay an EE SewMaster. It is pink, made of metal and has Berlin Germany US Zone inscribed on the silver section inthe center. It is mounted on a dovetailed wood base. Measures only 8.5 inches across the base and about 6 inches high. there are a few paint chips but other than that a nice litle sewing collectible. $22.00+ S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM19A This is an old Dutch Brand Electrical tape tin which once held a roll of electrical tape. They are very pretty tins which are 3.5 inches in diameter and becoming hard to come by. It features the Dutch Girl in the center which was the company's trademark.It has a few surface scratches but no dings..very nice little tin $5.00+ S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM20A This is the Old Scotch Cellophane Tape tin that we saw many moons ago in the stores when we went to buy scotch tape,. It hald 2 rolls of no 600 Scotch transparent tape. Nice condition with just a few surface scratches and no dings..It measures a little over 5" in dimeter and is 1.25 inhes deep..Nice colorful old tin.. $4.00+ S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM21A This is a nice old ice cream scoop, lever scoop with the small band inside which swings to release the ice cream inside..It has a wood handle and is marked 1 Japan..It measures 8.25 inches long and looks as if never used..buyer pays shipping.. $8.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM22A This is a nice old Viking Glass orange deco style ashtray in wonderful conditon. IT measures 3.5 inches across and done in slash style $14.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM23A Viking Glass ruby hand blown apple in wonderful condition. It has the green blown stem. These old hand blown fruit pieces are few and far between. $40.00 IN-STOCK
ITEM24A Old Viking Glass Blue whale figurine. No chips or cracks, perfect condition. It measures 4 inches in width. $22.00 +S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM25A Ggreat set of rare Viking Glass candleholders in peach. No chips or cracks on either piece. You are buying the pair. Each stands almost 3 inches tall and is 4 inches across. $15.00+ S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM26A This is an old quality farm bureau insurance liscense plate tag.  It is in excellence condition and measures 4.25in in length. $15.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM27A This is a great Early Viking Glass deco style green ashtray. It is a medium green and not the normal moss green the company made in mass. It measures 3.5 inches across and is in great condition. $18.00+SH IN-STOCK
ITEM28A Old Viking Glass Green flint and wich style retro cigarette lighter. Excellent condition with no chips or flaws. $22.00+ S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM29A Old Viking GLass hand blown green peper with stem. This is one of the hard to find Viking fruit series pieces. It even has the old Viking paper label still afixed. It stands 4.75 inches tall and is in excellent condition. $40.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM30A Beautiful Viking Glass Ruby ong tail bird. It stands 9.75 inches tall and has no chips or flaws. Great Piece of early Viking with the label stiff affixed. $42.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM31A Excellent old Viking Glass orange table lighter in multi-facet cut. It is a large one and stands 4.5 inches tall. Takes wick. flint and fluid...Beautiful condition $29.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM32A Old Viking GLass Pot Belly Stove Fairy Lamp or glimmer. Excellent condition and one of the harder ones to find. Add a candle and you have a beautiful piece. No chips or flaws. $89.00+S&H IN-STOCK
ITEM33A Beautiful Viking Glass ruby Georgian patttern toothpick. It stands 2.5 inches tall and is in perfect condition. $14.00+S&H SOLD
ITEM37A This is a wonderful and colorful old Butter-nut Bread Sign. It measures a little over 27 inches in length and is 5.5 inches wide. It is a great old store display tin sigh ready to be hung. Very straight and only one bit of surface rust in the lower right side. $29.00+S&H IN-STOCK